Many courses require a prerequisite, and course descriptions often include the phrase: “Or by consent of the Department”. What does this phrase mean?

Consent of the Department is determined and provided by the course instructor. If you have a prior completed course or courses considered to be equivalent to the prerequisite, then consent may be given for admission.

A course or courses deemed to be the equivalent to the prerequisite could be from another University of Alberta faculty/department, or from another university or college. In exceptional circumstances, “life experience” (i.e. significant work or practical experience in the area covered by the prerequisite course) may substitute for the prerequisite.

If you feel that you meet any of these consent requirements it is critical that you fill out a “Anthropology Course Registration Request” available in the Forms Cabinet or the Anthropology Main Office (Tory 13-15). Present the completed form to the course instructor. If consent is given, then the instructor will sign the form, and you can take it to the Anthropology Main Office (Tory 13-15), where it will be filed. Failure to complete this form may create problems for you when it comes time to apply for graduation.

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